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Privacy Policy

This statement sets out our policies relating to the privacy of your personal information:

Very briefly, this web site is operated in compliance with the Australian Government's Information Privacy Principles which are outlined at http://www.privacy.gov.au

Our web site collects the following information from our online visitors:
  1. A record of each visit that logs a visitor's IP address, the date and time of their visit, pages accessed and/or documents downloaded, country of origin and the type of browser used (this is the same type of information routinely collected by all web servers around the world). No attempt is or will be made to identify individual users or their browsing activities except in the highly unlikely event of an investigation where a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect our service provider's logs. We analyse the information collected by our web server at the end of each month purely to determine our web site's overall usage statistics.

  2. We retain the e-mail addresses of people who send emails to us through this web site for the simple purpose of sending them a response. These email addresses are stored in a secure area of our office network (ie not on the website) and will not be used for any other purpose. Nor will they be disclosed to any third party without the consent of the person who originally emailed us.

  3. People who submit email addresses, web sites or other information for registration on this web site are agreeing to have them published on our web site by doing so. We will, however, remove or modify any submitted email address, web site URL or other supplied information on request.

Please note that this web site contains links to a number of other web sites that are included on the basis of containing content related to our own site's operations and/or as a service to our online visitors. When you click on a link to go to another site, you leave our own web site and are no longer protected by our Privacy Policy.

This privacy statement is periodically reviewed in line with the ongoing development of our web site and/or changes to Australian privacy laws.


Anti-Spam Policy

This statement sets out our policies relating to spam (ie unsolicited commercial email):

This web site is operated in compliance with the Australian Spam Act 2003, which may be viewed online at a variety of locations (just search Google for the Act's name).

In a nutshell, we don't send out any spam emails. Nor do we do business with any individual or company which does. And we encourage all our visitors to do likewise.

We also use anti-spam filtering on our emails and we report any Australian who spams us to the proper authorities on receipt of their spam.

Again, we encourage our visitors to do likewise in countries which have equivalent legislation to Australia. Or to request that their legislators enact similar legislation in countries which don't yet have anti-spam laws; or to toughen existing laws up to Australian anti-spam standards where existing laws are weak.



The information presented on our web site is the result of personal, original effort by us and we retain the copyright on all information and graphical materials shown here. You can only reproduce materials shown on this website if you receive our written permission to do so.

We try to keep our web site current at all times but there may be occasions when some part of it is out of date. The internet is - after all - only a reflection of real life and there may be some occasions when real life circumstances change faster than we can reflect them.

We do, however, appreciate that our visitors rely on our web site to be accurate at all times and we'll remedy any inaccurate information as soon as we're made aware of it. So if you believe you've discovered an existing error we should update, please email us about it.

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